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Antenatal hypnobirthing courses with local midwife.
Maidenhead, Windsor, Marlow and surrounding Berkshire / Buckinghamshire areas

Do you want to feel calm and confident and ready to give birth to your baby?  Hypnobirthing from Over the Moon Birthing gives you all of the knowledge you need to prepare for labour and birth, self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to conquer your fears of childbirth and remain positive and calm, as well as a great opportunity to meet and interact with others. 

As a midwife, I have seen the difference that hypnobirthing makes to the couples I have cared for in labour.  They appear in control, unafraid and ready to embrace the birth of their baby.  They are also better able to negotiate the medical system, consent to what is right for them and their baby and remain more relaxed and positive.  I also used hypnobirthing for the birth of my son and can personally attest to its power.


You and your partner can take either a full ten-hour group or one-to-one course or opt for a shorter condensed bespoke course.

These are complete birth preparation courses with a twist and can be done from the comfort of your own home over Zoom.

Benefits of hypnobirthing may include:

  • A more comfortable labour and birth

  • An often shorter labour

  • Fewer drugs and medical interventions

  • A shared and positive experience for the partner, who will learn how to support you and take an active role in the birth

  • A relaxed birth environment for both you and your baby 

  • A faster recovery after birth

  • A calmer and more contented baby

"I feel so confident and am really looking forward to my birthing experience. I can’t recommend Joanna enough, I have a circle of pregnant friends and I feel that I am definitely the most positive and happy in the group." (Lauren)

"As a result of Joanna’s classes we can honestly say that we were able to have (and even surpass) the birth that we were hoping for. This was particularly special considering baby was born during the height of lockdown and much of the birth experience (home births, visitors, etc) we were planning was unavailable which made the days and weeks leading up to the birth more anxious than it would otherwise have been. (Sophie)

About Over the Moon Birthing

My name is Joanna Williamson and I started Over the Moon Birthing to help women and their partners to have a better experience of birth.  Too many women and families are not equipped psychologically for birth, not confident in their bodies’ ability to birth and see it as a likely traumatic incident that they just have to get through with the help of drugs.  I want to help change this negative and fearful mindset, to empower women and their partners to experience birth for what it should be - one of the most fulfilling and celebrated days of their lives.


I live in Maidenhead with my husband, twin girls and little boy.  I work locally as a community midwife and have run Over the Moon Birthing since April 2019.  I completed my hypnobirthing teacher-training with Katharine Graves of KG Hypnobirthing and have also trained to provide the Rewind visualisation technique for treating PTSD.

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Based in Maidenhead, Berkshire

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