Antenatal courses

for a gentler birth

Specialist antenatal courses run by midwife Joanna.
Maidenhead, Burnham, Windsor, Marlow and surrounding Berkshire / Buckinghamshire areas

These antenatal courses are different to the others, because you will be fully trained in hypnobirthing techniques!


Yes, you will learn all of the usual things - how your body functions during labour, where you can have your baby, breathing and relaxation techniques, and LOADS more.  If you opt for a group course, you will also meet others on the same journey (don't underestimate the value of this!).


But hypnobirthing adds another level...  You will learn self-hypnosis techniques to help get rid of any fears and anxieties you have about giving birth, so you can approach birth with more confidence.  This is important, because the more relaxed you are the better your body will labour.


We will also cover many relaxation techniques for you and your partner to practise to help you stay positive and calm on the day. 

As a midwife, I have seen the difference that hypnobirthing makes to the couples I have cared for in labour.  They appear in control, unafraid and more relaxed.  They are also better able to negotiate the medical system and consent to what is right for them and their baby.

I too used hypnobirthing for the birth of our son and found the experience truly amazing.  It was actually this that gave me the oomph to set up this business!

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Mothers and their Baby

Benefits of hypnobirthing may include:

  • A more comfortable labour and birth

  • An often shorter labour

  • Fewer drugs and medical interventions

  • A more active role for your birth partner and a more positive experience for them

  • A relaxed birth environment for both you and your baby 

  • A faster recovery after birth

  • A calmer and more contented baby

What do people say?

"By the end of Joanna’s course, we felt so much more at ease, and I went from being afraid and solely focused on what my pain relief options would be, to feeling excited about the potential of my birth experience and feeling confident enough to plan a water birth at a birth centre." (Sashka)

"I feel so confident and am really looking forward to my birthing experience. I can’t recommend Joanna enough, I have a circle of pregnant friends and I feel that I am definitely the most positive and happy in the group." (Lauren)

About Over the Moon Birthing
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My name is Joanna Williamson and I am founder of Over the Moon Birthing.  I completed my hypnobirthing teacher-training whilst pregnant with our son, so it was fresh in my memory when he was born and we reaped the benefits.  I went on to set up Over the Moon Birthing in April 2019 whilst on maternity leave and have since enjoyed teaching couples and hearing the birth stories that follow.

I have worked as both a hospital and community midwife in both London and the home counties.  My previous work was in health promotion overseas.


Additional training includes aromatherapy, biomechanics for birth and the Rewind visualisation technique for treating PTSD.

I moved to Maidenhead five years ago, together with my husband, twin girls and more recently our little boy made his appearance.