Frequently Asked Questions

Why take this hypnobirthing course as opposed to a more traditional antenatal course?

Both traditional antenatal courses and this hypnobirthing course give you information about labour and birth, common scenarios and some breathing and relaxation techniques.  Both group courses are also a good way of meeting other parents-to-be who can be an invaluable source of support during this time in your life.


However, KG Hypnobirthing’s approach is all about seeing birth as a positive event, not something to be afraid of.  Through relaxing self-hypnosis techniques, suggestions are made to the subconscious part of your brain to gently change your attitude to birth, give you confidence and keep you calm and feeling in control.  What you learn will also empower you to feel in controI of your care and ensure any advice you take is right for you and your baby.

But you do not need to pick just one.  Around half of participants are also doing a more traditional antenatal course.  We may approach topics from different angles and a bit of repetition can only help you prepare!

Why is the full course so long?

The 10-hour full KG Hypnobirthing course is a full birth preparation course, covering everything you would expect in typical birth preparation classes plus the all-important training in hypnobirthing techniques.  It is not possible to teach all of this in just an afternoon and expect it to work as well as it could and should!  You will also have to set aside time at home to practise.

How has Covid affected how I give the course?

Previously both one-to-one and group classes were only available via Zoom.  This enabled the whole group to see each other and interact safely from the comfort and security of their own homes.  However, now it has been possible to have some sessions face-to-face again and arrange social meet-ups. 

Does hypnobirthing not create unrealistic expectations?

I do not believe so.  We know that birth may not 'go to plan', whether or not you use hypnobirthing techniques.  However, hypnobirthing can help you remain calm and gives you the tools to better deal with situations if they do veer off track.  Many clients have spoken of the course giving them the tools to ask lots of questions and remain in control, including during unplanned caesareans.  As you will see on the course though, the effect of a calm and confident state of mind and the decisions you make about your care may reduce the likelihood of your birth veering off track in the first place!


When is the best time to take a hypnobirthing course?

I would suggest starting the course from around 24-28 weeks of pregnancy and finishing it by 36 weeks.  You would still benefit from starting the course if you had your baby before finishing it, but you would get more out of it if you had time to complete it all and have time to practise! 


Should my birth partner attend?

Ideally yes!  The person who will be with you on the day should attend the course with you, whether they be your husband, partner, mother, sister or friend.  All too often, birth partners say they felt out of their depth or stressed out on the day their baby was born. This course will provide training on how they can best support you, help you remain calm and talk with the doctors and midwives whilst you are in your ‘birth bubble’ – they will act as your protector, protecting both you and your space.


Can I attend if I do not have a birth partner?

Yes, please do.  I would suggest you would be ideally placed to take this course as your knowledge and hypnobirthing techniques will help you to remain positive and calm in labour.  If you opt for a doula, most will also be very knowledgeable about hypnobirthing and be able to support you whilst you use hypnobirthing techniques in labour.


My birth partner is unable to attend the course.  What can I do?

Consider a private course, which can be more flexible as the dates can be arranged around both of you.  If this is not possible, they can read The Hypnobirthing Book provided on the course, you can pass on what you have learnt and I am happy to have a discussion with them over the phone or a coffee.


What do I receive when I take the course?

  • 10 hours of teaching and discussion (full course)

  • The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves

  • Antenatal Relaxation MP3s

  • A voucher to use with local photographer Selen Photography

  • A beautiful cord tie gift

  • Access to a WhatsApp group of the other parents if taking a group course

  • A meet-up with other members of the course before or after the babies are born (when possible due to current restrictions)


How can I book a place on a course?

Please email me at or phone me on 07973 478794.  I ask for a 20% non-refundable deposit to secure your place on the course.

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