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Pregnant Belly

Hypnobirthing Antenatal Courses

Courses follow the tried and tested Katharine Graves hypnobirthing method (UK-based), accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.


However, over time I have made the course my own with more postnatal information (including feeding your baby) and lots of extra stories, tips and experiences of the local area thrown in.

I offer a full twelve-hour group course as well as one-to-one full or shorter bespoke courses including refreshers.  There should be something for everyone!

Courses are taught either face-to-face, via Zoom or a mixture of the two.

The Full Course

This course is a full birth preparation course, so contains all the information you need to prepare for the birth and initial weeks after.


Some couples come with another antenatal course under their belt which is not a problem - there may be some covering of the same material, but often from a different angle and more in depth.  There are also couples attending who have had a baby before, often looking for a different experience.

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The course includes:

  • How our bodies are naturally designed to give birth

  • The influence of mind over body

  • Self-hypnosis techniques to help you get rid of any fears around birth

  • Breathing exercises, deep relaxations and visualisations to remain calm

  • Physical preparation for birth

  • Where to give birth and creating an ideal birth environment

  • The active role of your partner throughout

  • Birth positions and keeping comfortable (from rebozo to drugs)

  • The 'golden hour' immediately after birth

  • Getting feeding off to a good start
  • Understanding ‘the system’, decision-making and maintaining a sense of control

  • Tips for what to include in your birth plan

  • Surviving those first weeks with a baby or two!

Group Courses

Group courses are great for meeting like-minded people in your local area and forging relationships that can create a vital support network.  We set up a WhatsApp group so we can continue to support each other and arrange a meet-up for after the babies are born (see photo!).

We cover the syllabus over 12+ hours, split over 4-5 evening or weekend sessions.  Most sessions are face-to-face, with 1-2 sessions on Zoom.

Courses are limited to six couples to ensure we have time for questions and discussion.  £250 per couple.

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Please click on the above link for all of our upcoming course dates.  Then simply register your interest using the contact form at the bottom of the website!

Private courses

Option 1 - the full 10+ hour course.  This might suit you if you are unable to make the group dates, would feel more comfortable in this setting or have particular issues to discuss, including previous birth trauma. 

£450 per couple (£400 online).

Option 2 - the 5-hour intensive course.  We cover all the topics covered in the full course, but this version is super intensive and you should know it involves homework!

£250 per couple (£220 online). 


Option 3 - the 3-hour refresher class.  This is for couples who trained in hypnobirthing during their previous pregnancy and would like a refresher.  The class would include a recap of how hypnobirthing works, how to facilitate labour, a debrief of previous births, and getting going again with some practice.

£180 per couple (£150 online).

Young Couple

Included in Each Course

The following course materials are provided:

  • The course handbook, which includes relaxation scripts, a short guide to aromatherapy, handy tips and trusty sources for more information

  • Access to KG Hypnobirthing relaxation audios

  • Selen Photography's offer of four complementary photoshoots with a free photo from each

After the course I am available to answer any questions or talk over anything you might have on your mind relating to your pregnancy, birth and initial few weeks together.  I want you to have the best possible experience, so the end of that final class doesn't mean our relationship ends.  Make the most of me :)

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