Thank you so much Joanna for taking us through this journey.  We've taken so much from the time we've spent with the group, and we look forward to a positive birth in August!  Lots of love x


David and Sarah (May 2021)



Thanks Joanna for your great insights and knowledge.  I would definitely recommend this course even for second time mums.  Great refresher and hypnobirthing techniques delivered by an experienced midwife.


Luana (May 2021)



I could not recommend hypnobirthing from ‘Over the Moon Birthing’ enough! Joanna is a calm and supportive hypnobirthing teacher who taught me techniques to manage difficult situations and keep a positive mind set.

I could not recommend hypnobirthing enough to any woman who will be giving birth. The power of the mind and the visualisation and breathing techniques Joanna coached me through were incredible. Hypnobirthing with ‘Over the Moon Birthing’ has been wonderful for me and my husband. Thank you Joanna!

Monica (May 2021)

Please click here for Monica's birth story which demonstrates how Monica dealt with some of the pressures she faced (with grace, strength and lots of hypnobirthing knowledge and techniques!).

We followed a hypnobirthing course with Joanna prior to our daughter being born and it was one of the best things we could have done. It made us both feel ready, prepared and calm in the run up to our daughters arrival, we were confident in the choices we had and in our birth plan, and resulted in a very positive birth experience and fast recovery. We’d highly recommend Joanna and Over the Moon Birthing.

Anya (March 2021)

We enjoyed the Hypnobirthing course with Joanna. It was a good mix of practical advice for preparing for birth and during birth and great knowledge of pregnancy and birth delivered in a friendly manner. The hypnobirthing technique was explained really well and gave us great confidence for the birth. We really liked that Joanna is a midwife as she has so much experience with deliveries and pregnancies that we knew that her advice was coming from a very knowledgeable position. 

Joanna is very open and friendly and gave us ample opportunities to ask questions and express concerns. We would recommend the course. It was only a shame that it was on Zoom as it would have been enhanced if it had been in person.

Camilla (March 2021)

We would highly recommend Joanna's hypnobirthing course.  It was hugely informative and helped us to really understand the birthing process, our options and preferences.  Joanna did a fab job at really listening to the group's needs, tailoring the course to these and offering both a scientific and practical view from her midwife's perspective.  It helped us so much to have the natural birth we wanted and feel in control and aware of our options at all times.  A huge support and something I would recommend for all first time parents!

Rebecca (February 2021)

Since the early stages of my pregnancy I had been quite anxious about giving birth, mostly due to stories from other women about pains and complications during labour and birth. Joanna was extremely patient in slowly changing my outlook on giving birth by sharing her vast experience and lots of great resources such as videos and stories from women who have had positive birth experiences. Her hypnobirthing course is informative and fun, and provided us with both practical tools (breathing techniques, visualisation techniques etc.) and the knowledge of what to expect during labour. Joanna explained different scenarios during labour and birth and available options, risks, and scientific evidence, and the knowledge of the medical system we gained made us feel confident deciding for yourselves what we wanted to do as well as create a birthing plan that worked for us.

Thanks to Joanna and the Hypnobirthing course we had a very relaxed and beautiful natural birth at home. We used a birthing pool and in addition Joanna had recommended getting a birthing ball which was absolutely amazing especially during the first stages of labour. Because my partner and I did the course together, we both knew what to expect and what to do which made the birthing experience much more intimate. We will definitely recommend Joanna to friends and family! She is very knowledgeable, experienced, patient and kind, and she was an invaluable support to myself and my partner throughout the pregnancy.

Gaby (January 2021)

We can’t thank Joanna enough for guiding us through the hypnobirthing course and preparing us for a very calm delivery. Our daughter was born at 38 weeks, we started early labour at home and then it stopped so we were induced because of reduced movements. Although I was alone for most of the labour because of Covid (they didn’t check me until I was 8.5cm as I was a first timer!) the hypnobirthing was absolutely amazing! I was in antenatal and listened to the relaxations, managed all the pain with lots of breathing and baths and didn’t have any pain relief, except paracetamol at the end! It was relatively quick entrance to the world, only 2 hours in the delivery room and about 8 hours of contractions, so I had such a positive experience! Even though I had an episiotomy, I feel like I’m ready to do it again!

I cannot thank you enough for preparing us for a calm, natural delivery!

Charlotte (October 2020)

Thank you Joanna for helping us to achieve the natural home water birth we both wanted. I knew a little about hypnobirthing before we started the course but it gave me the confidence to ask for a home birth, knowing how to keep myself calm and relaxed during the labour resulted in a very quick first and second stage labour without requiring any medical interventions at all.


Victoria (September 2020)


My wife and I have just finished our Hypnobirthing course with Joanna and we are both feeling equally positive and confident about the remaining weeks of pregnancy and the birth!

We approached the course with an open mind and, as a result, it has benefitted us in many different ways. We were able to not only cover a lot of informative aspects (Joanna was very patient with all our questions!), but more importantly develop a much more beneficial and productive mindset. And, of course, we're now practising and putting plenty of time into slowing down, breathing and relaxing, which has become so so useful in any situation, not just pregnancy!

So, whatever birth experience awaits us, we should go into it as prepared as possible! Thank you Joanna :-)


Marcus (August 2020)

Thank you Joanna for a wonderful hypnobirthing course. Joanna was a great source of support throughout the course and she helped us feel confident and calm. As she is a mid-wife, we felt the advice she gave us was practical, professional, well-researched and up-to-date while also being understanding, caring and encouraging. Joanna was also very willing to answer any general questions we had on the birth process outside of class (email or text). As we were second-time parents, we were interested in hypno-birthing as we had done NCT first time around and wanted to refresh our knowledge while doing something different and, since our first birth, we had heard so many positive stories about hypno-birthing. Arguably, we learned more in Joanna’s classes than we did the whole of NCT and as Joanna linked the science of birth (oxytocin/Adrenalin, etc) to practical exercises we really felt in control of the birth process. As a result of Joanna’s classes we can honestly say that we were able to have (and even surpass) the birth that we were hoping for. This was particularly special considering baby was born during the height of lockdown and much of the birth experience (home births, visitors, etc) we were planning was unavailable which made the days and weeks leading up to the birth more anxious than it would otherwise have been. Despite this, the hypno-birthing skills we acquired gave us structure and a foundation on which to build our approach to labour and the confidence to stay calm and in control throughout. Practising the hypno-birthing exercises with my husband during pregnancy was also a lovely time to bond over the pregnancy and discuss our birth plan together. It’s a time that you wouldn’t otherwise use purely about the baby (especially with a toddler running around all day!) All in all, we would not hesitate to recommend Joanna and hypno-birthing to any parents-to-be, whether it be a first child or subsequent and wish Joanna all the best with the courses.

Sophie (August 2020)

We were recommended Over the Moon Birthing and Joanna as a great hypnobirthing course. What made us contact her wasn't just the hypnobirthing but also that she apparently had a great wealth of knowledge on the whole pregnancy and birth journey. 


This is definitely the case. Joanna managed to answer all of our questions and more importantly put us both at ease while taking away a lot of the worries we had (as first time parents). She has a naturally calm presence and a friendly conversational teaching style that worked well for us. Because of (Corvid 19) lockdown our course was conducted over Zoom, which could've been an issue but just wasn't. Joanna made time for us when we needed it and we felt very supported.


Even though our birth was medically challenging (especially during lockdown) and had to be on the labour ward rather than birthing centre, we were still able to use some of the techniques Joanna taught us. She was also a great source of knowledge and support as we were being told a lot of medical jargan on the run up to the birth (of our beautiful little girl). 

She was a really helpful part of our journey and we have already recommended her to friends. Thanks Joanna! 

Tom and Rita (May 2020)

Joanna was just what I needed to get into a positive, confident mindset before the birth of my second daughter. Joanna really listened and empathised with how I was feeling about my previous csection and planned VBAC, tailored her training to meet my needs and followed up with extra support before and after the birth. Her experience as a midwife really complements hynobirthing as she was able to suggest practical tips about how to create the most relaxing environment in a labour ward setting which made a big difference to me on the day. I highly recommend.


Alison (May 2020)


Alan & I booked Joanna’s 1-2-1 hypnobirthing course, as this meant we could complete the course at our home after work. Alan was slightly skeptical, but after completing our sessions he is a complete hypnobirthing advocate! Alan reads the birth affirmations to me every night. I feel so confident and am really looking forward to my birthing experience. I can’t recommend Joanna enough, I have a circle of pregnant friends and I feel that I am definitely the most positive and happy in the group; I have Joanna to thank for this.

Lauren (March 2020)


Learning about hypnobirthing, labour and how babies are delivered in Joanna's course made us very relaxed and calm in the weeks leading up to our daughter's birth. Even though the preferred birth plan went out of the window from the word go, the course helped us discuss options with the midwives and consultants and make informed decisions to ensure the best birth experience possible.

Clara (February 2020)

This was a shorter version of the longer course which Joanna gave in our home.  Everything was relevant and extremely useful.  I found the most helpful were the calming scripts to read to my wife.  The day motivated me as a husband to take more action and command the labour room and make my wife as calm as possible.  The course was very practical – I thought it might be more theoretical.  The only other comment is the suggestion of maybe thinking about translating the scripts into other languages.

Irfaan (February 2020)

We found all of the course helpful, particularly the breathing techniques and empowering the men/birth partners.  It allows you to explore the different options for birth and ensure you are doing what you want and not what you are told to do.  It was actually more of an antenatal course than we originally thought too.

Amy and Nick (February 2020)


Joanna’s course has empowered us to know our options and make informed decisions.  It has educated us on the partner’s role and how critical this can be to the process.  All the additional info and hands on practice were really helpful and we have been motivated to listen at home to the recordings and scripts, practise breathing and write our birth plan together.


Matt and Ana (February 2020)

I found the free taster session really useful as this was a way to meet and ask initial questions about what Hypnobirthing was before it became a real thing for me. I also found the books that were shared were useful and I went onto buy one of these and this was a great help.


I found the course good, and great that it was run by you a trained Midwife!  Much of the material and content overlapped with what I had already read in the Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing book, so little of what we went through was new.. same for pre-natal yoga. Many of the local prenatal yoga classes have a hypnobirthing philosophy about them without calling it Hypnobirthing class. I think the benefit of coming to a Hypnobirthing class should be to experience and learn something from an experienced professional that you can't necessarily extract from a book. The audios that KG provides in the book are great and so I feel a class or course should offer that step further in understanding how hypnobirthing can help your labour experience, whatever that might be.   

The venue was nice and suitable for the content and the tea, bread and cheese were amazing and we were really grateful for these!


Overall, from my personal experience, I think Hypnobirthing can support you however / whatever your birth experience looks like. The realms of the system and process however can throw you off and I think pregnant hypnobirthers should know whatever happens, you can try to incorporate hypnobirthing breathing techniques into the stages of labour. For me, I was able to use it at the start of labour when I was induced, but in active labour, the pain was so excruciating, I felt no amount of breathing was going to help! It was yelp or breathe, and I needed to yelp in a primal way to process the pain.


The whole process did help my confidence and ultimately put me in control knowing I chose the elements of the birth I was able to.

Zoe (November 2019)

I started having a home birth and we were doing really well without any pain relief, not even gas and air.  The massage was amazing.  I got to 7cm dilated like this, so we did the hard bit at home, but our baby Alex’s heart rate kept dropping so we had to go into hospital.  The staff said it had been the busiest night of the year so I felt very relieved that they could find me a bed.

You would have laughed if you’d seen me, because every time I got a contraction I said “surrrrge” to make Ed focus and massage my back.  The midwives at home were used to it but when the consultant at Wexham came in she said, “What is search?”

The results of the monitoring showed Alex was in distress so they suggested a caesarean and Alex was airlifted out.  We made sure the cord had completely stopped pulsating before it was cut.

Although it was exactly the opposite of what we had planned, we managed to ask the right questions and explain the concerns we had and we stayed calm and felt reassured from what we had learnt on the course.  So, despite our baby breaking all the rules and going completely against mummy’s homebirth plan, we are both still very glad we did your hypnobirthing course.  I think the experience would’ve been much scarier had we not been so well informed by you.

Bonnie (September 2019)

I started looking into hypnobirthing whilst pregnant with my 3rd baby, both of my other 2 babies were born naturally, but on a labour ward and I had decided I wanted a home birth this time round with the hope that the relaxation and breathing techniques could only help things along. 


There was lots of information online, however I felt to really get the most out of it, speaking with someone one to one would be more beneficial. I got in touch with Jo and we spoke about the benefits of hypnobirthing and how she could help and what was included in the course she ran. 


I read the Katherine Graves hypnobirthing book in advance and attended the course dates with my husband who was completely new to all things hypnobirthing too. The information on the course was a lot more in depth than expected, going through how the body actually works during labour and then more practical elements with the breathing techniques and relaxation options. 


There were a few other couples on the course also and Jo made all of us feel at ease and answered any questions we had along the way. 


Jo was really knowledgeable on the subject as well as being a midwife so her views on both aspects were really interesting. Whilst learning the breathing and relaxation were the main elements for me, all the information on informed choices was probably the most fascinating because it had never been fully explained to me in that way before, even after having two children! I only wish I had done hypnobirthing when pregnant first time round. My third baby is due very soon, so I am looking forward to putting my new knowledge into practice and having my baby at home, thank you Jo for all your help!

Amy and Paul (February 2019)



My husband and I attended the hypnobirthing session with Jo for our third baby. It was really good to have such a different and more natural approach rather than so many medical interventions, which personally gave us a very protracted labour with our 2nd baby. I am really hoping this will give me the tools to avoid the same thing again! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to work with your own body to make labour easier.

Anje and Ben (February 2019)

Joanna is super teacher, both my hubby and I found her warm, friendly and kind, very informative and a great help on our journey into birth and beyond...I don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed! Thank you So much :)

Nathalie (Michael's partner) (February 2019)

I reluctantly went with my wife to meet Joanna on a group hypnobirthing course, I had no idea what to expect, would Nathalie be clucking like a chicken during birth?? 


What I got from the course were the tools in which to help & support my wife throughout the birth of our son.  As a male, we look for jobs to do, I found this course gave me that. 


Rather than being the ‘spare part’ in the birthing suite, I was my wife’s focus. I got her mindset in the right place and we went through the whole thing together. I can highly recommend that any father to be complete this course, it is fun, interactive & gives you the tools to actually help during labour!

Michael (Nathalie's partner) (February 2019)

I would highly recommend hypnobirthing for all parents.  There are numerous benefits for mum, but it is also a fantastic opportunity for a birthing partner to become an integral part of the process, both for the birth and the hours, days, weeks and months before.  A personalised hypnobirthing session in a nurturing, intimate and trusting environment nurtures an incredibly strong pregnancy bond between partners.

Jo is excellent at explaining the reasoning behind all the actions and making you feel comfortable and safe when it comes to some of the bits where you may feel a bit embarrassed in a bigger group.  Jo has a great conversational style of training, so you don't feel overwhelmed with information.  Jo's professional and personal experience of childbirth are also an invaluable resource when it comes to any questions you may have.

The hypnobirthing kept both of us much more relaxed during the labour.  I don’t think either of us would have gotten through what turned out to be a difficult birth without the hypnobirthing skills Jo taught us.  Hypnobirthing was one of the best decisions we took when planning for the birth of our beautiful daughter and with Jo you will be in the safest pair of hands.

Ben and Elaine (January 2019)